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I-83 Capital Beltway
I-83 Capital Beltway Map
The Harrisburg Capital Beltway encircles the City of Harrisburg, the State Capital of Pennsylvania, and surrounding municipalities. The Beltway includes a section of Interstate 81, a section of Interstate 83, and PA Route 581. The Beltway is entirely a limited access facility. It is vital to the economy of the Harrisburg region, and is an important hub in the transportation network of the northeastern United States. This website focuses on the I-83 section of the Beltway, which extends from a junction with I-81 northeast of Harrisburg to the interchange with PA 581 to the south of Harrisburg. An I-83 Master Plan was prepared by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) in 2003 for this section of the Capital Beltway to identify, plan, and program future transportation improvement projects.